“Our Creative Call”

2014 Iowa School for Ministry Faculty

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Our Creative Call: Inviting the Wild Spirit to Play 
Some changes have been made to the 2014 School for Ministry. See the faculty details below!

We are created in the image of a creating God. Within each of us is a wild Spirit of imagination, creativity, and artistry that our society has spent a great deal of energy to tame and constrain. We will make a safe place to let this Spirit out to play as we explore our nature as incarnations of the Creator. Combining plenty of hands-on time with periods of reflection and learning, we will share with each other our experiences of playful inspiration. Join us April 22, 23, 24 & 25 with Doyle Burbank-Williams, Ted Lyddon Hatten & Shawna Bowman. Registration is now available online, click here to learn more.

Doyle Burbank-Williams has been described as an artist in ministry. An ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, Doyle has been making art since childhood. He has exhibited throughout the country and has published a book of visual and written Lenten reflections entitled, “Making Marks,: available through Amazon books (http://goo.gl/hdUMRq)

Ted Lyddon Hatten is an artist, educator, and an Elder in the United Methodist Church. He is currently the Director of the Wesley Foundation and adjunct faculty at Drake University. Ted has served as the Conference Artist for the Iowa Annual Conference for over 20 years, and was among the artists in residence at the 2004 North Central Jurisdictional Conference, 2008 (along with Doyle Burbank-Williams) and 2012 General Conference. Beyond the connection, Ted was a presenting artist for Clayfire (along with Shawna Bowman), and is currently directing the visual arts for the Wild Goose Festival. From his studio, Ted works in a variety of media with a passion for beeswax, ephemeral installation art, and dry painting. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the Midwest, and he has been visiting artist to graduate schools, elementary schools, and all points in between. His work in the field of visual homiletics comes out of his belief that the visual experience has a unique ability to deepen our encounter with the gospel and with each other. Keen to see the visual arts regarded as an equal partner in the important dialogues of our day, Ted’s work aims to spark thought and sustain conversation.

Shawna Bowman can sometimes be described as an Artist who pastors and sometimes a Pastor who makes art. In her words: "The integration of the two in my life has come as a joyful surprise. The creative process has grown into a spiritual practice for me over many years, sketching in my journal has become a response to prayer, worship and meditation. For someone like me, who’s mind runs furiously when I attempt to quiet it for prayer, painting for and with faith communities during worship offers me a solid connection to the community, a creative and embodied way of focusing, and allows a bit of space to open up in my head and heart for God’s presence to take root. In a way it’s my best and most honest self, my whole self, participating in worship out of a place of deep joy and authenticity. My creative life informs my work as parent, pastor and co-conspirator with other creative types such as musicians, storytellers and preachers. I use art in my own faith community Friendship Presbyterian Church, an experimental and progressive church on the Northwest side of Chicago. Additionally I travel around the country painting in churches and for conferences, teaching workshops and retreats about art-making as theology and spiritual practice."

Works by Shawna Bowman

 We wish to offer our sympathy to Jan Richardson on the passing of her husband, Mr. Garrison Doles. He was an award winning songmaker known for his distinctive style that’s hard to describe and easy to love. Through his Song Chapel concerts, Garrison engaged audiences around the country with his fresh approach to scripture that drew listeners deeper into the heart of God. Please keep Jan and all of Garrison's loved ones in your prayers during this difficult time. You can read Jan's beautiful words about Garrison by visiting her blog, The Painted Prayerbook.

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